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Use your fingertips to apply a  pea-sized amount of deodorant paste to each armpit. Some people use even less, after a while you’ll know how much is right for you. Hold the paste in your armpit to let your body heat soften the paste (count to five!) before applying. It’s best to contain the paste to your armpit area to avoid transfer of deodorant to your clothes.

Only the best! All our ingredients are natural and organic and our essential oils are certified organic and 100% Australian Essential oils. Here’s a full list of our ingredients and their magical powers —
Coconut Oil
Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties assist in preventing bacterial growth and odour. Coconut oil not only moisturises but it’s anti-inflammatory properties can help those with sensitive skin
Shea Butter
Rich in Vitamin E, it moisturises the skin
A natural root vegetable that absorbs moisture to help keep you dry
Sodium Bicarbonate
Aluminium free bi-carb soda alkalises pH levels to prevent bacterial growth and odour
Bentonite Clay
100% Australian Bentonite Clay with no additives. It soothes the skin and absorbs toxins, impurities and odours
Sweet Almond Oil
Moisturising and antibacterial, it helps to purge the skin of toxins and impurities
100% Australian Certified Organic Essential Oils
Classic and calming oil with antiseptic and antibacterial properties
Rich citrus aroma with antibacterial and antiseptic properties (we use non-phototoxic bergamot oil)
Works as a natural deodorant with antifungal properties. It has a musky-earthy aroma
Antibacterial properties fight odour causing bacteria, while cooling the skin by constricting the capillaries.
With a strong, sweet, woody aroma, it’s properties help guard the skin from environmental toxins

Yes! All our products are handmade in small batches in Melbourne, Australia. Because we only use natural ingredients and materials each product may vary slightly, but this is the charm of using ingredients derived from nature!

Plan B Skin Therapy deodorant paste is not an antiperspirant and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals that block your pores and stop you from sweating (YUK!). Our deodorant paste will neutralise your body odour and minimise sweating. You’ll also find the longer you use natural deodorant your body will begin rid itself of the build-up of nasty toxins, resulting in reduced body odour. In hot weather or when exercising you may still sweat, this is your body’s way of cooling you down. When it comes to applying it, bigger isn’t always better! Don’t be tempted to use more in order to make it last longer, an even amount is best.

Because PBST deodorant paste contains only natural ingredients, like coconut oil and shea butter, the texture can alter slightly depending on the weather. To assist in application during cold weather leave the jar on a bench in your bathroom while you take a shower, this will allow the deodorant to soften a little before applying. The deodorant paste is best kept out of direct sunlight and if you live in a warm climate pop your deodorant in the fridge to harden slightly before applying.

When changing from chemical filled deodorants to a natural deodorant your skin goes through a period of detoxification, removing the nasty chemicals which have built up over time, this can sometimes result in a slight rash. Whilst transitioning to your natural deodorant it will help to cleanse your armpits daily and moisturise your underarm with a natural low-tox moisturiser at night and after shaving. To avoid irritation after shaving, it’s best to shave at night and wait till morning to re-apply your deodorant paste. You’ll probably find that you don’t need to apply deodorant at night anyway, it gives your pores time to breathe, and also lengthens the use of your jar! It might take a few weeks for your skin to adjust, but be patient, it’s worth it! If you have sensitive skin and it continues to react to the deodorant paste, it might be due to the bicarbonate soda. So if the above tips don’t help, discontinue use for the time being and watch this space for a bi-carb free alternative soon!

Remove the labels with hot soapy water and and rub with a clean stocking, use some eucalyptus oil if they’re particularly stubborn. The glass jar can then be washed in the dishwasher, but be sure to hand wash the lid.

Here are some ideas for reuse, and post your own on Instagram with the hashtag #planbskintherapydeodorant

Make your own beeswax candles, the jars are perfect for it!
Plant some cute succulents in them
Sow some seedlings in them and put on your window sill and watch them grow!
Use them to store earrings or other small jewellery
Store hair bands and pins
Pop a tea light candle in the jar (without the lid of course!) for gentle mood lighting

After use, gently hand wash using hand soap and rinse well. Gentle stretch back into shape and leave to air dry. Hand washing extends the life of your About Face face wipes.

Sure! However make sure to remove them from the shower and wash and air dry them every couple of days. Keeping them wet for long periods may breed bacteria and cause mould. Regular cleaning and allowing them to air dry is best. 

All Plan B Skin Therapy products can be used from the second trimester onwards (with the exception of our Happy Camper Solid Scent which should be avoided during pregnancy). For a list of pregnancy safe essential oils visit National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. We recommend you to seek advice from your medical professional before using any products containing essential oils whilst pregnant. 

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